What we do

Always Eager to Partner in the Transformation Journey through Innovative Business Ideas

Business to IT Mapping

Addysan team has expertise in understanding the business domains and designing technical solution aligned to business vision and goal. We assess business idea and problem, propose robust technical solution to accelerate and optimize operations. Team design scalable and cost effective solution based on budget and ROI (Return of Investment).

Key Highlights
  • Create enterprise level IT road map
  • Create IT Blue Print aligned to business vision. Based on requirement it can be department wise detailed out
  • Understand "Current IT setup" of the organization and propose phase wise "To be platform"
  • Propose solution, right technology, tools methodology and process for automation and higher ROI
  • Create Implementation Plan

Virtual CTO and IT Management

For any successful organization, Strategic IT Planning and implementation is a very important part of an overall business plan

CTO, Chief Technology Officer, is one of the key role for Strategic IT Planning. CTO helps in optimum planning and implementation for right technology platform, up scaling the existing applications, decommissioning of obsolete applications, provide best solution for highest ROI and upbeat with the market.

For a small or mid-size organization, need to have such role is there, but difficult to acquire and retain a full-time person. That’s where Addysan comes in, offering services when a small organization needs them – “virtually” and on sharing basis. It serves as a cost effective and best possible technical support for such organizations.

Key Highlights of CTO service

  • Provides strategic and tactical planning, IT roadmap, IT blueprinting, Implementation Planning.
  • Facilitates technical communication among management, vendors, and other related stakeholders within the organization or outside the organization.
  • IT Portfolio Assessments and suggest Optimization.
  • Designs, implements, and evaluates the systems that supports the smooth execution of business.

We support and guide for all phases of IT implementation in an organisation.

Key Highlights of IT Management service
  • Resource planning
  • Provide trained resources for startups
  • Support startups in Requirement detailing and scope management
  • Create software architecture , technical design and guide Implementation team
  • Review and audit solution against standard bench marks and guidelines
  • Strategies and get end to end functional and stress testing done
  • Give technical and project Management training to internal team

Portal & Mobile App Development

Robust Software Application Development & its Care

Our implementation team is well versed with upcoming cutting edge technology. We develop robust, scalable and high quality Web and Mobile applications. Mange hosting and maintain them post live. Addysan team is well versed with CMMI level processes and follows the guidelines.

Key Highlights

  • Website Development – Creating a web presence
  • Portal and application development on PHP, JAVA, Sharepoint and other technology as per the requirement
  • E-Commerce Portal development and maintenance (including catalog management)
  • Mobile Application for IOS and Android platform

End to End IT Consulting

Addysan team has expertise in varied range of technology, tools and process. Consulting team can guide an organization to get best solution implemented. If an organization has a in-house implementation team or already have an IT partner, Addysan team can coordinate and provide the consultancy to those team .This will bridge the gap between management and Implementation team. We propose, suggest and guide on "Why", "What" and "How". What needs to be implemented, How should be Implemented and Why is it required.
IT requirement for different organization and business can be different. Addysan team analyze all the business scenarios and current IT environment and based on that propose solution categorized under “Must Have” and “Nice to have”. We design tailored solution as per the need.

Key Highlights

  • Consulting for which all tools and applications are required in phased approach
  • Consulting for Scoping and Requirement finalization at application level
  • Consulting for high level and low level technical designs
  • Consulting for testing strategy, and validating test cases
  • End to end Program Management
  • Consulting for deployment and hosting
  • Consulting for User experience. We analyze the user base and suggest ways to attract more customers and retain them
  • Work as external reviewer in case implementation is already done or getting done by any third party

Site and Data Analytics

Analytics is a critical factor and an important input for key business planning and decision making. Business owners should be continually monitoring site analytics and data analytics metrics. Data within the system is same as gold beneath the ground for business owners.

Key Highlights
  • Defining site analytics and data analytics goal aligned to business goals
  • Define related measurable metrics
  • Perform analysis , prepare report on inferences and show predications

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an important wing and is “must have” to grow a business. More and more business partners get engaged through web and hence smart digital marketing is very important. Addysan team guide and get the job done.

Key Highlights
  • SEO optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Email campaigns
  • Google Ad words