Believe that Every Idea has Potential to Glow

In It startup eco system every day 1000’s of Idea get generated but very few succeed. We believe every idea has potential to shine if nurtured in right environment. Smart IT Services (information technology) planning and implementation is one of the important foundation block and an integral strategy and specially in it services sector in noida.

With the startup boom across globe every day thousands and thousands of Ideas gets generated, the social culture is changing. Now any common man can think of starting a business.

This is a very positive scenario for preparing innovative farmland and in turn great benefit for the society. But at the same time it includes a lot of risks. From idea “BULB” to reaching a profitable stable It business is an extremely cautious, planned and calculated journey.

For any founder or budding entrepreneur following are important questions which he should be prepared before starting the work.

Validate idea against few metrics and calculated outcomes.

  • What is the problem statement which will be resolved? More common is the issue higher the possibility to have better success rate.
  • What could be the solution which will be simple and easy to use for end users.
  • Really is there any demand for the solution, how educated or versed are the consumer segment to use the solution
  • Study the competitors and specially identify the gaps in existing solutions
  • Are you working as per the right time to enter the market? It should neither be too late nor too early

Once you have satisfactory answer to above thought provoking questions one should start planning for execution and Implementation. In planning phase, important pointers to keep in mind are:

  • Give equal weightage to Finance, Core Team and Technology planning. All these are interrelated, if any one slips it will impact others and over all result.
  • Identify and plan in detail for “What all could be the probable market area and size of end users”. Identify the secondary and tertiary market segments, it’s always an added
  • Identifying the risks and potential threats from competitors and having a mitigation plan
  • Strong and well thought through “Go to Market Strategy “.
  • Try to have a phase wise plan. It will help in between check points and take corrective actions
  • Map check points aligned with goals and vision

If these points are well thought through and analyzed for an idea the probability of getting it Bright, Shining & Glowing is very high.

As a technology partner Addysan team contribute in all these steps. Technology is an integral part, it’s the basic tool to execute and achieve desired results. Our consulting wing is well versed to guide on required technical solution and contributor to your success story.

Let’s Connect and make your Idea Blub Glow!!

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