About us

We Love Who We Are and Would be Glad to Get Connected

Addysan Innovation’s vision is to accelerate the innovative ideas by providing Technical Solutions. We would be glad to partner with innovative minds in business, contribute our expertise to provide web and mobile solution and let business leaders focus on their business.

Present business world is different from traditional business life-cycle. It’s an era of disruptive innovations. Start up’s has significant impact and influence on worlds economy. They have different ways of working and challenges as compared to old traditional big business houses. More over old settled business houses also need to adapt new ways of working and “THINK DIFFERENT” to be upbeat with the budding startups. For all these disruptive Ideas technology plays a significant role.

Addysan team is well equipped and can align as per the expectations, understand business challenges, and has expertise to provide technical solution tailored as per business need. We provide technical guidance, phase wise consultancy, create end to end IT solution, and can be your companion in digital transformation. World has changed and it’s a continuous process of “REPLACING WITH NEW”. Web, mobile and hand held devices is now the common medium of communication and is must for any business to run and grow.

We provide services for all phase of IT solution. Provide consultancy and guidance especially for startups, starting from conceptualizing to implementation and maintenance. An organization can go for complete end to end guidance and implementation or tailored and  phase wise solution .

Addysan team constitutes highly talented consultants, smart team and rich Industry experience of more than 19 years. Team is experienced to work with all size of company including FORTUNE companies of the world. Expertise in managing outsourced projects.

Let’s join our hands and be part of Innovative world!!